Our Priority

Our company follows the core values of customer satisfaction and makes sure our customers issues are never unanswered whether it scales from a small issue to a wire burning issue.

Our Vision

As a company, our primary vision is to fulfil each and every customer's wide range of issues not just the issue, also by providing customer's additional knowledge and if necessary.

Our Objective

Our company's core value is focussing on serving the customer with top of the class efficient care and perfection in all of the services we offer.

About Us

We specialize in delivering innovative, creative solutions for Streaming Devices.ResolveLink is an stand-alone independent major player in the Streaming industry. We are passionate about quick resolutions and in providing outstanding solutions covering Streaming Devices.

All-Inclusive Systems & Support

Our system packages include everything needed for complete setup. We also provide quick-start guides for easy installation.All of our systems are plug and play, meaning they are simple to set up.

Anyone able to run a cable from each camera back to the recorder can do it themselves and save thousands in installation costs. Our in-house technical support team is just a phone call away for quick support.